Zegeba has experience in helping both small and large shipyards, in addition to equipment suppliers, to improve their operational work with digital solutions. There are extensive amounts of tasks and data and this must be handled in a good way both when the work is to be planned, during execution and afterwards when the focus is on status and completion. Zegeba is a fully digitalized solution created to streamline the work activities related to shipbuilding and management of documentation. Zegeba Platform helps you achieve a smart data handling strategy to perform better and succeed in the mobile and digital workspace.

With Zegeba you can have all tasks and related checklists and drawings literally in your hand. Planners can setup the planned work e.g. FAT, HAT and SAT for a new Vessel.

Supervisors, Inspectors and representatives from Class, owner and shipyard can all collaborate and document their findings and handle follow up. Reports and data can be integrated with other systems.

Zegeba works both online and offline to avoid interruptions and delays.

All data will sync to the Zegeba online Dashboard for overview and control and can be viewed in a separate analytics application or other core business applications via various integration options and API.

✓ efficient management of the tasks and data
✓ smart handling of remarks and deviations
✓ include images and comments per checkpoint
✓ view follow-up lists of the remaining work
✓ instant data flow from capture to analysis
✓ digital reports and approval
✓ improved data quality and documentation

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