Before Archer started using Zegeba, work processes took a lot longer to complete. Forms were filled out manually, then scanned and sent by email.

– Before Zegeba we had to:

  1. Print out the checklist
  2. Fill out the checklist on paper
  3. Submit the checklist to a manager for approval/signing
  4. The manager would scan the checklist
  5. The checklist was then uploaded and saved in Sharepoint

Archer started to use Zegeba in one work area, and realized after a while that they could make use of Zegeba in several other areas. Now they also use Zegeba to make order lists for equipment and tools.

– The main job type we use Zegeba for is digital checklists; check-out forms listing tools used on land and at sea. We have many different checklists on tablets, and use PCs to register packing lists with over 100 serial numbers, Laimis Ciuras explains. He is Technical Support Coordinator in Archer.

Zegeba has primarily helped with streamlining the work process within the company. The threshold to go to Zegeba and open up the system is very small.

– Previously, we sometimes had difficulty reading what was written on the checklists due to poor handwriting, but with Zegeba the quality has improved and filling in checklists is very easy to do. The feedback from employees has just been positive and they experience a simpler working day using Zegeba as a work tool.

On land, Zegeba is used by Archer’s workshop personnel, logistics and operational planners. Offshore, Zegeba is used by the entire crew: team leaders, senior operators and operators.